sestThe Society of Electron Spin Science and Technology(SEST)

About Us

Prospectus History

The motivation to establish an interdisciplinary society related to Electron Spin Science has risen after "Asia-Pacific EPR/ESR Symposium 2001 (2001APES)" held in Kobe. "The joint conference on 41st ESR Symposium and 7th in vivo ESR society" was held in Tokyo in October, 2002 followed by the research infrastructure of 'The Physical Society of Japan (magnetic resonance division)', 'ESR Symposium', 'Japanese Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine', 'Society for Free Radical Research Japan' In vivo ESR Society', 'Advance in ESR Applications Society'. At the conference, the 1st general meeting of 'The Society of Electron Spin Science and Technology (SEST) was held, and officially SEST was established.

The Aims of the Society

We name "Electron Spin Science" as the science and technology related to the electron spin. The Society of Electron Spin Science and Technology (SEST) aims to encourage the progress of related research areas of science and technology in Japan, the cultivation of scientists and engineers of next generation related to electron spin science, and the expansion of international activities of SEST.